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SigmaCERF - An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform, lets users organize their thoughts, ideas and data into the real research story - much as a paper notebook does, but with the benefits of sharing, searching, digital signatures, templates and more!

Projects, documents, data and notebooks are managed centrally on your secure SigmaCERF Server and can be created, utilized and reviewed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Here is what users are saying about SigmaCERF:
  • "I would recommend SigmaCERF to anyone who is trying to get away from using physical notebooks and wants to share data more easily. We looked into many other notebooks and SigmaCERF was the most user friendly for what we needed in our lab environment."
    - Kristen Espantman, Salk Institute

  • "If someone is looking for a Biology ELN I would certainly recommend SigmaCERF."
    - Pedro Castanheira, Biocant
Industries Served:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Academic
  • Government
Stakeholders Served:
  • Scientists
  • Legal / Regulatory
  • IT Services / Informatics
  • Business / R&D Management

Key Features of SigmaCERF
Promotes organization and sharing of projects, experiments, notebooks and reports.
Increases accuracy, efficiency, and user compliance with templates and forms for protocols and data capture.
Capturing and actively protecting your intellectual property in compliance with 21 CFR 11, USPTO and GLP.
Offers search capabilities based on full-text content, rich metadata and controlled vocabularies.
Captures annotations, scientific interpretation: record the trail of discovery.
Designed for usability: a graphical interface that is highly interactive.
Guides planning and decision making for the organization.
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