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LISA.lims Brochures

Download and view LISA.lims product brochures in PDF format:

  • LISA.lims Product Brochure (1.1 MB) – General System overview.

  • pro LISA.lims Electronic Archive and Document Management (0.9 MB) – provides functions for electronic administration and archiving of test reports, certificates and studies according to the specifications of DIN/EN/ISO 17025.

  • pro LISA.lims Webservices WebShop and WebInfo (0.4 MB) – The proLISA.lims® modules “WebShop” and “WebInfo” optimize lab communications with internal and external customers. They accompany the customer from the registration of a lab order and in status tracking right up to the presentation and evaluation of the results.

  • pro LISA.lims Stabilty Testing (0.8 MB)proLISA.lims® module manages your stability testing work flow from rough planning for the set-up of a study and detailed planning with discrete scheduling of tests, the wide-ranging functionality of storage and logistics processes, and the documentation of storage conditions, up to standardized reporting and evaluation.

  • pro LISA.lims RoSy (0.8 MB) – As a LISA.lims® extension, the “RoSy” module enables effective raw data archiving in compliance with regulatory standards. Archiving raw data with RoSy offers fundamental advantages by optimizing process flows and considerably reducing paper-based archiving for laboratories.
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