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Industries Served by LISA.lims

Petrochemical - Food and Beverage - Contract Laboratories - Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology


Product Features/Benefits:

  • Automate your test requests with Certified SAP/MES connections
  • Establish bi-directional test equipment interface which increases efficiency and eliminate transcription errors
  • Complex yet flexible automatic report generation
  • Complete tracking and version control document, SOP and CofA management form development to release
  • Rich Quality Control Charts and Specification Limits makes sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Capacity and Resource planning

Companies that currently use LISA.lims:


Food and Beverage[top]

Our solution allows you to meet the increased tracking required by the FDA throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. With our LIMS you can implement the most thorough safety and quality testing requirements into your high volume work flow. We understand that food and beverage company’s supply products for multiple regions thus we allow for multiple specifications testing on a single product to meet varying regulatory requirements.

Product Features/Benefits:

  • GLP,GMP, FDA 21 CFR 11, and ISO 17025 compliant
  • Automated and standardized test requests and instrument calibration
  • Specification management
  • Customer specific Certificate of Analysis
  • Works with multiple languages
  • Automate your test requests with Certified SAP/MES connections
  • Capacity and Resource planning
  • Bi-directional test equipment integration increases efficiency and eliminates transcription errors

Food & Beverage Companies that currently use LISA.lims:

Contract Laboratory[top]

Today's contract laboratories require software that not only can manage sample data efficiently but also support other business functions. LISA.lims was developed for today's laboratories which act as complete business organization that need to manage all aspect of operations such as supply tracking, QA & QC, reporting, instrumentation management, internal cost monitoring, documentation management and approval processes.

Product Features/Benefits:

  • Invoicing and CRM functionality
  • Select only the Modules that your workflow requires
  • Customer integration with Web-shop and Web-Info modules
  • Create a more efficient lab by reducing data entry and manual calculations
  • Automatic generation of spike and blank samples
  • Improve turnaround time
  • Standardize and automate sample registration
  • Automatic data capture and instrument management Eliminate transcription errors
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology[top]

We support Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry's needs in Quality Control and Manufacturing by supplying industry specific modules such as Stability Testing, Raw Data Archiving, and Document Management while compiling to the strict policies of FDA 21 CRF 11.  Our top of the line implementation and validation services make sure the our solution meets all of your key requirements. (link to services tab).

Product Features/Benefits:

  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Inventory Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Improve sample turnaround time
  • Incorporate automotive processes
  • Maintained by customer instead of relying on the vendor
  • Secure data access
  • Single database for data storage
  • Batch processing
  • Role based security
  • Certified SAP/QM IDI Interface

Pharma & Biotech Companies that currently use LISA.lims:

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