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LISA.lims is ISO17025 Compliant

LISA.lims is a effective quality management system that has the technical competence to track and monitor your laboratory in all area vital to ISO 17025 accreditation such as:

ISO 17025 is a quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It covers both management and technical requirements. Management requirements describe the operation and effectiveness of the quality management practices with laboratory. Technical requirements address the capability and capacity of staff, methods, equipment, calibration and reporting.


Laboratory personal must be allocated the access to a specific scope of work based upon documented qualifications. Only competent personnel can perform testing services. The laboratory must demonstrate accountability for the work performed by its employees. Employees performing specific tasks shall be qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training, experience, and demonstrated skills, as required by the scope of testing. Personal duties have to be clearly defined and all work needs to be traceable to the analyst.

LISA.lims Benefits

  • Qualification tracking allows management to track the education statues their employees.
  • Audit trail reports capture the story of every sample
  • Capture the entire audit trail with unique log ins and role based security
  • Configurable release and sample workflow with no programming

Test and Calibration Methods

Only validated and current methods are used to obtained results. Quality Control standards are set forth for selection and validation of standard methods, statistical analysis, and control of data. Accurate test and calibration results can only be obtained with appropriate methods that are validated for the intended use.

LISA.lims Benefits

  • Ensure correct method selection by creating standardized test plans
  • Track validation experiments separately from customer samples
  • Document changes to sample data and deviations from methods
  • Notifies laboratory staff on samples being performed with out of date procedures.
  • Auto calculate measurement of uncertainty is applied to data and checked for limit violation
  • Import and calculate data in a validated environment

Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

The laboratory has to insure that the instruments are suitable to perform selected tests and are well characterized, calibrated and maintained. All laboratory equipment is to be maintained in good functioning statues in accordance to documented specification requirements. Equipment maintenance and quality control testing needs to be performed and documented on a regular basis. 

LISA.lims Benefits

  • Track all maintenance and calibration records
  • Automatically generated unique QC, Blank, & Spike samples
  • Bidirectional instrument interface makes sure that all data is capture in a validated environment
  • Clearly document all sample transportation, handling, and storage information
  • Identifies if out of date methods where used for calibration and maintenance

Document Control and Reporting of Results

The laboratory shall establish and maintain procedures to control all documents that form part of its quality system. An Approval and review process for controlled documents has to be in a place accompanied by any revision and distribution statues. All Documents must be legible and easily retrievable. Reporting of results section has some general requirements on report formatting such as clarity and accuracy but it also has very detailed requirements on the contents. Email us your report for a free ISO compliant evaluation.

LISA.lims Benefits

  • Designate workflows for document approval, activation, and revision based on user access rights
  • Assign document to methods and track access history
  • Store all documents in a controlled environment
  • ISO compliant report design by expert consultants

LISA.lims Document Management Module:

Control of Data

Calculations and data transfers shall be subject to appropriate checks in a systematic manner. Certified and documented developed software and calculation have to be in place when computers or automated equipment are used for the acquisition, processing, recording, reporting, storage or retrieval of test.

LISA.lims Benefits

  • ISO 9001 certified system
  • Allows for separation of ISO and non-ISO accredited methods
  • Data is protected in backed up in a industry leading database, Oracle.
  • Imbedded data backup and recovery procedures
  • Quality assured data transfer systems.


  • Increase laboratory efficiency
  • Generate additional revenue due to access of additional bids.
  • ISO 17025 accreditation improves images and overall lab reputation.
  • The practices required by ISO 17025 help create good practices of data quality and laboratory management
  • Overall improvement of efficiency of the laboratory.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 is the basis for most other quality systems related to laboratories such as Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.
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