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LISA.lims System Modules

System Modules - Additional Optional Modules - proLISA Modules

LISA.lims can meet and expand with any company’s requirements due to its modular design

From contract labs and public authorities to industrial companies and pharmaceutical installations, LISA.lims uses the same core system with identical system modules which can be configured to fit your requirements.

Additional optional modules are designed to meet the requirements of users in a variety of applications. They also optimize work areas not directly connected with the lab and substantially reduce the administrative overhead.

The proLISA modules expand LISA.lims to include functions for the integration of customers, document management, capacity planning, stability management, mobile data recording, web-services and raw data archiving resulting in substantial synergy.

System Modules

LISA.lims® and its core functions can be used "out of the box" in many areas, without the need for extensive programming work.

The LISA.lims system modules optimize the following areas of lab work:

  • User administration and master data registration
  • System and mask configuration
  • Organization of work and information flows
  • Sampling schedules
  • Order registration / Sample registration
  • Bar-coding
  • Organization of samples for distribution to the analytical workstations
  • Documentation of sample-accompanying data
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Recording of measured values/ Processing
  • Plausibility check and limit value monitoring
  • Result validation
  • Evaluation and statistics
  • Reporting and report distribution
  • Invoicing and internal cost allocation of laboratory work
  • Sample storage and results archiving
  • Integration of subsystems
  • Project processing
  • Adjustable audit trail and logbook function [top]


Additional Modules

LISA.lims® grows with its customers and their requirements. Based on user feedback from a variety of application areas, the additional LISA.lims modules help reduce much of the administrative workload on lab staff.

This way, accredited laboratories in particular are able to meet the requirements of DIN/EN/ISO 17025 and other standards as well as legal documentation pre-requisites for quality assurance in one system.

The following modules can be integrated to further optimize processes in LISA.lims, as necessary:

  • Analytical quality assurance and control charts
  • Chemical storage and logistics
  • CRM
    • offers,
    • call centers,
    • invoicing,
    • complaint management
  • Processing laboratories
  • Administration of testing equipment and Quality Control Charts
  • Formulation and model administration
  • [top]



Capacity Planning & Scheduling - Electronic Report Archiving and Document Management (DMS)
Mobile Data Recording - RoSy - Raw Data Archiving System - Stability Testing - WebService Module

Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Scheduling and Capacity planning - Facts instead of intuition

Reduced costs and increased adherence to schedules:

With proLISA.lims® Scheduling and Capacity planning we optimize the use of your lab resources based on reliable facts about your lab activities:

  • Available resources
  • Capacity of instruments
  • Current and planned orders

The module proLISA.lims® Scheduling and Capacity planning creates a reliable and economical plan for your schedule, your staff and instrument capacities based on facts. [top]


Electronic Report Archiving

Report Archiving and Document Management – norm-compliant, standardized, automated

This module provides functions for electronic administration and archiving of test reports, certificates and studies according to the specifications of DIN/EN/ISO 17025. The individual functions are fully integrated into LISA.lims® and all the steps required to prepare, publish, and distribute a report in a system are documented within the system.

LISA.lims provides archiving functions for all sorts of test reports, result compilations, and manually drafted expert opinions. The original report is generated in PDF format and archived immediately, with the PDF format ensuring the necessary standardization, un-alterability and longevity needed for proper archiving. [top]

Document Management

This module integrates documents as separate objects into work and laboratory processes. Key importance is attached to supporting and controlling the workflow as regards version management, access authorization, and the release of individual documents. The workflow can be set up and configured individually for different types of documents. The system captures all stages in the life cycle of a document: preparation, processing, checking, release and publication. Integrated change management, version management, and version control offer the desired transparency in day-to-day operations with these documents. The authorization concept enables specification of access for individual users and provides the necessary protection against unauthorized access. Furthermore, the system ensures the integrity of archived documents and can also integrate digital signature. [top]


Mobile Data Recording

Mobile Data Recording helps you to avoid multiple entries of data and transcription errors and makes paper-based sampling protocols redundant. Future–proof architecture (SOA) enables synchronization anywhere via the internet, leading to transparent information flows at all times inside the lab and, in connection with our proLISA.lims® Web Service Modules, also for external customers.

Mobile Data Recording features:

  • Recording of:
    • sampling data
    • measured values
    • on-site parameters
  • On-site access to historical data
  • Recording of unscheduled samples on-site
  • Easy synchronization [top]


Raw Data Archiving System "RoSy"

As a LISA.lims® extension, the “RoSy” module enables effective raw data archiving in compliance with regulatory standards. Archiving raw data with RoSy offers fundamental advantages by optimizing process flows and considerably reducing paper-based archiving in the laboratory. Compliance with the strict requirements of FDA 21 CFR 11 qualifies this proLISA.lims module for use in laboratories with extensive testing and archiving processes, especially for pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers.

RoSy completely automates the job of archiving important electronic data generated by sophisticated analytical devices and subsystems. The integrated approach of the program module is based on a customized archiving strategy that takes into consideration a customer’s whole range of individual processes and requirements as well as his entire IT environment. Files and result reports from subsystems are not merely imported but, depending on the configuration, passed on to all the mandatory and desired stages of further processing and release procedures. RoSy is therefore an ideal tool for deployment across separate locations especially in heterogeneous IT environments. [top]


Stability Testing - dynamic, precise, transparent

Quality, quantity and documentation requirements for stability testing and studies are increasing all the time, while pressures are growing on laboratories and logistics services to cut costs and streamline processes. The only way to cope successfully is to seek the support of IT systems.

The LISA.lims®  “Stability Testing” module offers specific, integrated solutions to meet your process requirements. The International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines for stability tests and the even more stringent requirements for such tests in “regulated” environments (GxP, FDA) influenced the architecture and the functionality of the module in many decisive ways: from rough planning for the set-up of a study and detailed planning with discrete scheduling of tests, the wide-ranging functionality of storage and logistics processes, and the documentation of storage conditions, up to standardized reporting and evaluation. Because of its high degree of flexibility the LISA.lims®  "Stability Testing" module is found in all relevant areas of application in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other sectors. [top]


Web Service Modules - Interactive and Integrative

The proLISA.lims® modules "WebShop" and "WebInfo" optimize lab communications with internal and external customers. They accompany the customer from the registration of a lab order and in status tracking right up to the presentation and evaluation of the results.

Labs benefit from a substantial reduction of the workload on their staff. Enabling customers to access the latest data online increases their loyalty while reducing the time demands on lab staff. The customer can always obtain information at any time on the current state of developments.[top]

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